El correo… de caracol

Just in case any one feels like sending some good, old fashioned snail mail (¿correo de caracol?), here is my address:


Haverty Brown

Experimento de Convivencia Internacional

Hernando de la Cruz N31-37

Quito, Ecuador


Excellent. Your chances of receiving an Ecua-postal are very high if a foreign-postal makes its way down here, even if it does get lost in the mail– which I am lead to believe happens frequently.

Anyways, today was my third day of classes, my first time seeing snow in Ecuador (half of the mountains were visible this morning, but the peaks still clouded in! Even so, incredibly beautiful!), my first day vegetarian day with my semi-vegetarian family, and my first time putting popcorn in a soup. I highly recommend it, just like croutons! Oh, also my first time eating mayonaise flavored chips. Mostly, they were just salty, and not too mayonaise-y.

Indeed, I was in favor of mayonaise, for once.

A lovely day of firsts, seconds, and thirds.


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