I love it. I didn’t know I was such a city girl until I came back to one.

Here are a few things I have done so far:

  • successfully taken the bus, “El Trole” (an electric bus?), without any issues, just being intently stared at by a 5ish year old girl
  • walked to various places by myself
  • visited beautiful old churches en el centro historico (colonial old town)
  • explored a beautiful old university, finding a rooftop view
  • went “trotando” in the park this morning, a beautiful clear day (felt like a summer day at home– but one of the good ones where you wake up and it’s already sunny!), with tons of other quiteños doing their various exercises (my favorite was the aerobics class on the basketball court) ** trotar is to jog/run.
  • drank freshly made jugo de maracuya (passion fruit juice) in a wonderful juice place en el centro historico– then proceeded to eat humitas: imagine really dense cornbread in a tamale shape, baked in a corn husk. SO GOOD.
  • attempted to understand the art of Oswaldo Guayasamin, one of the most famous Ecuadorian painters
  • eaten both Indian food and sushi
  • listened to some amazing lectures from Ecuadorian experts on development, migration, women in ecuador, and the current political situation… As in, I am loving class time. Also, today we had a view of Cotopaxi from our classroom. That is the tallest mountain in Ecuador, the perfect volcano, takes my breath away every time I see it.

Well, this list could go on, and surely it will as we have class from 9 – 2:00 every day, and then time to take advantage of all Quito has to offer. Which is far too much to cram into three weeks, but I sure am going to try… Unfortunately, I’ve been purposely leaving my camera behind, but then usually regretting it, so maybe I’ll learn my lesson soon and bring it along. Hopefully, pictures to come.

With my new host family, I am loving my increased independence, the presence of toast AND peanut butter for breakfast (which I get to make myself), my decision to go back to vegetarianism, and my increased participation in household chores (I actually get to do the dishes, yay!). All in all, I’m still adjusting to a new life here in Ecuador, but am very happy with where it’s taking me. Now, I just have to figure out how to actually do all of my homework when the quiteño life is continually calling me… And I’m pretty sure it’s just not going to happen. Really, who goes to study abroad to study abroad? Time to slack off a little more. 🙂


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