I’m Back!!!

Hash Brown’s Potatoes are back! Relocated to sunny (joking) Seattle! That has a nice ring to it, at least. I will unfortunately be away from Seattle during the two sunny months of the year, but that’s ok, because I will be on EVEN SUNNIER Orcas Island, otherwise known as my favorite place on earth. The point is, I currently live in Seattle, in a cozy apartment with the lovely Sam, and we have a fantastic view of the Olympic Mountains and Lake Union! Both are just slightly obstructed by the concrete monstrosity of I-5, but who am I to complain about that when I live in a truly beautiful place with trees and mountains and bodies of water?

 Note the sunset and mountains visible past all the concrete 🙂 Image

So, why am I back on the inter-webs, on which I so thoroughly try to avoid spending unnecessary amounts of time? I suppose the reason is that I want to believe that my life is a little bit interesting, that the foods I like to eat are pretty darn good (and I like making them too), and that I love my friends and family and like preaching to the choir about my life! So read on, my lovers around the world! 

Also, when I work a job with crazy hours, and happen to have an idle four hours in the middle of the day, I often make myself some pretty delicious lunches that I feel are worth sharing. And, yes, I could probably do more productive things with my time than… what is it I do with those four hours? (Hmm…) Mostly make lunch. 

Above all, I would like to be back on this slice of the internet because I love to write, and while I am a dedicated journal-er of my emotions and day to day activities, I would like to practice putting some things together in an organized fashion, and letting other people read them – even if it is just about food. But I love food, and you should too! That’s my argument, people: Love the food you eat and make and grow (if you’re lucky)! Maybe writing in this way will end up inspiring me to write more poetry, something I dearly miss but seem unable to do anything about. Indeed, this space is for me to practice and to share and to cultivate love and connectedness to those I love, since most of them are too far away for me to ladle them up my Friday night miso soup or lunchtime lettuce wraps (more on that one soon!).

Lastly, I must dedicate this new beginning to my dearest sister, who has faithfully kept this blog as her homepage on her computer—although it just broke, so I suppose no longer—for the two years that nothing new has appeared! What a girl, I love her so!   

Woo! Blogging!  


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