Enchiladas are a beautiful thing. So is pie. When enchilada becomes pie and gets sliced into wedges, there’s nothing more to love in life.

I’ve made these enchiladas before, and they’ve been delicious, but this time they were extremely delicious. I think the key was making the sauce using whole spices: cumin and coriander. In the past I had just subbed the ground spices for the whole ones, and it just didn’t have quite the same flavor as this time. And now I’m using whole cumin seeds in everything I make! They’re so WONDERFUL.

I made these enchiladas using this recipe from The PPK, one of my favorite vegan food blogs. Check it out for her preparation! For me, this pie had three phases: sauce, beans, veggies, tortillas. Each was simple. Here are my alterations:

  • Sauce: I followed her recipe! Make sure to toast the spices, and then grind those babies up! I used a mortar and pestle which worked super well, but you can certainly get creative (wine bottle and ceramic bowl?).
  • Beans: cooked up the night before. A blog post coming soon about cooking dry beans and all my favorite ways to do it!
  • Veggies: rather than roast potatoes and cook veggies on the stove top, I decided just to roast everything! I had broccoli around, so broccoli it was. I roasted the broccoli and potatoes for the same amount of time, and that became my filling.
  • Tortillas: thank you Trader Joe’s.

Then, you just get to layering! It’s fun! Make sure to start with sauce on the bottom and end with lots of sauce on top. The saucier the better, as it does dry up a little in the oven. Top with cilantro/lime/avocado/hot sauce/whatever you like!


So, follow the PPK recipe or simplify it with some of my alterations! I also left out the “white sauce” in that recipe, but I’ve made it before and it’s a taaaasty addition.

When you have an hour or so, some beans lying around, and you know that you’re going to need delicious leftovers this week, MAKE THIS RECIPE! Enchilada pie will not disappoint.

Also, I can’t believe this is my first blog post about beans… So many more bean recipes to come.

Until then,

Hash “Bean” Brown

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