Hello! I’m Haverty.

Back in my college days – you know, a year and a half ago – my friends dubbed me Hash Brown. Commonly called Hash. These days, I hear that nickname not as much as I’d like, having graduated from college and moved to the lovely city of Seattle. But a few special people still know what’s up.


So, Hash Brown’s Potatoes…

This used to be my travel/study abroad blog – I went to Ecuador in 2012, and wanted to share all of my journeys and realizations with folks at home. They were my potatoes, what I dug up from the earth and brushed off and tried to make sense of. If you scroll all the way down to my first entry, you’ll see my full explanation of the title. And see what I was like almost 3 years ago…

Now that I am “settled” in Seattle, with an awesome kitchen and a lot more free time on my hands, I’ve got more potatoes. Some of them literal potatoes, many of them metaphorical. What I give you now is me digging through cookbooks, my brain, my mom’s brain, the soil, and then cooking for deliciousness, happiness, and goodness. I love food! I want everyone to love food!

Food is SUPER IMPORTANT, and I want it to taste good, be good for the earth and for my body and mind. We humans have been eating for a long time, and I want us to keep eating real food for a long time after this. So, Hash Brown’s Potatoes for posterity…

LOVE – Hash Brown


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